The founder


Markus Kramer

As a freelance IT consultant, I have been supporting customers, from start-ups to banks, in software development and as cloud architect for many years.

Being self employed, I needed a solution to store important business documents such as tax documents, contracts, etc. in a versioned and legally secure manner. The solution should also simplify data exchange between my devices and automatically keep files in sync.

Such a solution could not be found on the market. Versiobit steps in to close this gap. Our goal is to support freelancers and small to medium-sized companies in secure data storage.

We want to ensure that our customers retain ownership of their data. Therefore, our solution offers end-to-end encryption and we consciously support operation on our own IT infrastructure.

Our values

Customer Focus

We are willing to go the extra mile to find the best solution for our customers. We are happy to support you in customizing our solution to your individual needs. We see customers as partners. Therefore, we do not impose a long-term vendor lock-in on our customers.

Honest Communication

We advise openly and also give critical feedback. With us you are not stuck in a queue, but always have a competent contact person who will look forward to support you.

Data protection and IT security

Data protection is important to us. Our conviction: Sensitive customer data stays with the customer. Avoiding security gaps is our top priority. Through test automation, pair programming and code review, we achieve highest code quality, effectively avoiding security issues right from the start.

Up to date

We use the advantages of the latest technologies in a targeted manner. Our technology mix sensibly combines the strengths of innovative and proven technologies.

The people behind Versiobit

Versiobit is built by a globally distributed team of experts. We live New Work!

Special thanks for their contribution are going to:



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