End-to-End Encryption

Your data security is of paramount importance. However, with many cloud services, your privacy may not be adequately protected. This is because they typically offer only standard HTTPS encryption or server-side encryption "At Rest." But what if there is a better solution? At Versiobit, we provide precisely that: End-to-End Encryption. Learn how this innovative technology can safeguard your data.

What is End-to-End Encryption?

While most cloud services advertise encryption, they often limit themselves to standard HTTPS encryption, which secures only the transmission of your data over the internet. In essence, the provider processes your data without encryption, granting them full access to your sensitive information.

End-to-End Encryption, on the other hand, ensures that sensitive data is encrypted directly on the user's device. The IT operator has no access to the encryption keys, thus preventing access to confidential data.

Overview of Encryption Levels:

Protection against eavesdropping on the internet Protection in case of theft of IT operator's disks Zero Trust – Operator has no access Protection against hacker intrusion at the operator
At-Rest (IT Operator's Disk Encryption)
End-to-End Encryption

Hence, it's vital to scrutinize what a provider means by encryption and ask:

"Are my sensitive data exclusively processed in encrypted form?"

Benefits of End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption provides the highest level of data protection in the cloud.

  • Zero Trust

    Even we, as operators, have no access to your data. This means that even our own employees, whether administrators or support staff, cannot access your data. Your critical business information remains secure from unauthorized access.
  • Protection against hackers

    No cloud service is 100% immune to hacker attacks, as evidenced by successful breaches of other cloud services in the past. In the event of a successful intrusion into our system, your sensitive data remains unreadable and unusable for attackers, thanks to End-to-End Encryption.
  • Additional HTTPS Security

    We enhance your internet communication security with HTTPS. This allows you to confidently access versiobit.com, even in insecure public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Modern Encryption Technology

    We employ the trusted AES 256-Bit encryption in the highly secure GCM mode.
  • Verifiable Encryption

    Our encryption mechanism can be deployed as a standalone component for straightforward verification. For enterprise customers, we offer dedicated hardware solutions, enabling your administrators to independently monitor the security of your data.

End-to-End Encryption at Versiobit

Versiobit's cloud storage includes End-to-End Encryption by default. All sensitive data, including directory names, file names, dates, and file content, is encrypted directly on your device.

Your password, serving as the encryption key, never leaves your device. Only you have control over it, meaning that only you can decrypt your data. To ensure maximum security, we strongly recommend using a long and complex password. At Versiobit, we have no means to recover your data without your password.

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