Secure archiving and file sync across devices

Archive your important documents securely and have them available on all devices in one solution. Audit-proof versioning secured by Blockchain, file sync across devices, end-to-end encryption and more.


All changes to files are recorded.

  • Track modifications of documents.
  • Automatic backup in the cloud. Easily recover previous versions.
  • Audit-proof versioning powered by Blockchain.
  • History for entire folder structures. Track file/folder creations, modifications, deletions, and moves.

For each day we only keep the latest version of a file. This way storage space isn't wasted and you save money.

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File sync across devices

The desktop client ensures files are available offline on all your devices.

  • Continuously uploads the files from your local desktop.
  • Automatically synchronizes changes across devices.
  • Support for all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web).

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Additionally, you can always access your files via web browser.

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End-to-End Encryption

Most file storage solutions only offer "transport" or "at-rest" encryption which means the company running the servers can read your sensitive data.

  • With end-to-end encryption all sensitive data is encrypted on your device. It's the highest level of data protection.
  • We can't read your sensitive data. We also don't have access to the encryption keys.
  • Your data is protected even in the unlikely case that we get hacked.

Your data is encrypted using your password. We therefore strongly recommend using a long and complex password.

Learn more about our End-to-End Encryption.

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What it looks like


More features ...

Cloud or On-Premise

Thanks to end-to-end encryption you can use our cloud service without worrying about data privacy. If you prefer you can run our software on your own IT infrastructure as well.

Our file storage can also be seamlessly integrated into your website.

99.99% up-time

Our cloud service leverages the latest Cloud native technologies for highest availability and robustness.

Hosted in Germany

Your data is stored in a highly secure C5 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

Multi user

Share access to your files with colleagues and business partners.

Redundant storage

Never worry about losing files again. Your data is stored in three independent locations.

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