Desktop App

CLI usage guide

The desktop app provides a command line interface (CLI) which makes some advanced features available.

When using the CLI the GUI must not run in parallel or you'll get an error.

First run

If you haven't logged in via the GUI yet, you need to run:

versiobit configure

and create a space with:

versiobit space add

This command makes it possible to create multiple spaces, and to optionally disabled encryption and/or versioning.

Managing sync connections

You can add a synchronization connection with

versiobit sync add -l mylocaldir

You can also select which remote folder to sync. Thus, you don’t have to download all data on each device. For example, use this to only sync the 'Documents' folder:

versiobit sync add -l mylocaldir -r Documents

Running the file synchronization

To start the Versiobit file synchronizations execute

versiobit run

The configured folders will be kept in sync with the remote storage now.