Desktop App


The core features of the desktop app are explained in detail here.

Sync connection

The desktop app can keep a folder on your local computer in sync with a folder in your cloud storage. We call this a sync connection. You can add as many sync connections as you like.

Remote folder

You can select which remote folder to sync. Thus, you don't have to download all data on each device.

File selection

Flexible filters rules allow you to only sync what you want and ignore the rest. By default all files are synced that are not hidden. You can configure the file selection when creating the sync connection.

For example, you could sync your home directory but exclude all files in the "Downloads" directory with


Elements in the 'selection' are separated by commas. A leading '+' means it's an include rule, '-' makes it an exclude rule. The rules are evaluated from left to right. A file will only be synced, if there is at least one matching include rule and no matching exclude rule afterwards.

The default selection is +**,-.**,-**/.** which means all files except hidden files will be synced. You can configure what files to sync for each sync connection independently.